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How to OVERTAKE® in business
and in your career

Here's what you do. Operate our unique OVERTAKE® system
which is based on this simple - but very powerful - concept:

Business and career success is...

For true success, this is what is important. This optimizing definition of success is your unique Overtake® perspective.

OVERTAKE®    1 system    5 modules    1000 points

OVERTAKE® is 1 system of 5 color-coded modules and 1000 points.
Higher points infer higher priority.

  1. 500 points    Knowing Yourself
  2. 200 points    Higher Performance People
  3. 150 points    Attractive Business
  4. 100 points    Effective Competitor
  5.   50 points    Efficient System

These five modules are your five fundamental priorities prioritized. This is the order and, we suggest, the relative magnitude of their importance to your success.

Module 1 - knowing yourself - is entirely your own responsibility. Module 2 - higher performance people, module 3 - attractive business, module 4 - effective competitor and module 5 - efficient system - require you - if you are an employee - to generate the proactive commitment of your employer.

How do you do that? An easy way is to introduce him or her to this OVERTAKE® system.

If you are an employer, modules 2, 3, 4 and 5 are critical to the success of your business. Module 1 is as critical to your personal success as it is to the personal success of each of your employees. Get it together on all five fronts for maximum success in your business and in everybody's career.

YOU - the employee and YOU - the employer

You are BOTH equally responsible for success...

Results are optimal for you and for your firm only when the right person for the job is doing the right job for that person. If the firm is to achieve maximum success every job occupant must be successful.

To do that requires that the employer select the right applicant and that the applicant self-selects the right job. It's a split responsibility.

You - the employee - must have the skill-set and the natural inclination for the job. You - the employer - must know the skill-set and the psychological traits the job requires. When you bring both together, you both succeed.

If testing yourself and others for psychological traits sounds difficult, don't worry. We show you the psy-tech tools that make it easy.

OVERTAKE® says: Why is this concept of 'fit' so important?
That you fit your job and your job fits you?
That your occupation is your preoccupation?

Because your inclination - not your skill-set - is your competitive advantage. It's what gives you the edge.

Because misfits cannot motivate
- and motivation is the fuel of success.

This is the key to your business success
- and to your career success.

In our OVERTAKE® system, we indicate this mutual responsibility for success by allocating 500 points to module 1, which is your personal responsibility, and 500 points to modules 2, 3, 4 and 5 combined, which require the proactive commitment of your employer.

In simple terms:

OVERTAKE® says: The untapped potential of the human species is immense and even in industries that are not inherently attractive - in the most mundane highly-competitive situations - people that fit can establish a superiority over their rivals so great as to make their specific firm highly successful and profitable.

Now Do This:

  1. Get the edge over your competitors -- and keep it! Click on 'How you use OVERTAKE®' in the navigation bar on the right to make the most from this system.
  2. Measure your current Business IQ. Measure your score. Rate your own competence. Click on 'Your Business IQ Test' in the  navigation bar on the right to calculate your current level of expertise - your business intelligence quotient (IQ).
  3. Increase your Business IQ. Improve your score. Focus on your strengths. Go for quick, feasible gains (within 2 months). Implement the necessary changes. Measure your results. Calculate your - and your firm's - increased Business IQ.
  4. Measure your Career success. Self-realization - attaining the complete development and fulfillment of your own potential - progressing from a simpler to a mature, professional, civilized individual - is the true measure of your career success.
  5. Measure your Business success. Making money, specifically, generating Free Cash Flow, within the norms of business ethics, is the true measure of business success.
    Caution: More often used in business and particularly by the stock markets - but far more susceptible to manipulation - is net profit after tax or earnings. Take great care when reading financial statements. Things may not be as they seem.
    As for pro-forma accounts, our advice is simple: Bin them.
  6. Improve and Repeat
  7. Remember: Success is a journey, not a destination. Enjoy the trip. And happiness is the quality of your whole life from all the aspects from which your life can be viewed: when you put it all together - and keep it all together in a unified arrangement throughout your lifetime.
    Achieve all three. Self-realize. Make money. Enjoy.

Drill Down

Each of the five fundamental priorities above is the theme of one of the five modules of this integrated, optimizing system. To drill down for more detailed knowledge, click on the relevant module hyperlink in the navigation bar on the right above.

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