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We list below the major additions we have recently made to this website. Check back here often to see what's new. Click on these links to read more:

  1. Our Updated and Extended Glossary
  2. Our Improved Privacy and Security Policy
  3. Module 2 - Higher Performance People
  4. Cascading Style Sheets  (CSS)
  5. HTML Compliance

Our Updated and Extended Glossary

We have improved our list of glossary websites. We give you a better selection. Classified by business function; Business, Digital Business, Marketing, Human Resources, Operations and Production, Finance, and Legal. And we have included a weblink to federal government and related sites in Washington D.C. Click here.


Our Improved Privacy and Security Policy

Here at OVERTAKE® we value and protect your privacy and security.

We have updated our privacy and security policy and our site terms of use so that they exceed or match industry standards. We have simplified our presentation to make it faster for you to access them. And we have made them much clearer and easier to understand.

Click here to view our improved privacy and security policy.


Module 2        Higher Performance People

Higher performance people are the scarcest resources in any organization.

In this, the second of five modules in your OVERTAKE® system, we show you how to develop such people and, by doing so, to establish an almost-insuperable, sustainable, competitive advantage.

Since your company must start from where you are now we focus initially on changing these behaviors that now hold your people back and constrain your company:

Change the behaviors that damage careers and ruin businesses

Q. Why do good people fail or not achieve their potential?
A. Because they exhibit one or more of twelve career-fatal failure behaviors of which they are usually unaware. Now YOU can fix that:

You want to achieve maximum success in your career? In your business? Then we strongly advise you to read this book. Buy it for your own professional library

by James Waldroop Ph.D.
and Timothy Butler Ph.D.

Directors of MBA Career Development at the Harvard Business School. Twenty years relevant experience. Business Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Executive Coaches to many Fortune 500 companies, helping individuals work to their highest level of potential.

What is this book about?

It's about how you and your colleagues can be far more effective at work. How? By avoiding or fixing twelve failure behaviors that can do serious damage to careers - yours and other's - and to your business or organization.

Read the most important concept in this book. In your life? Know your inherent patterns of life interests.

Use the five psytech tools. Four change behavior deficits into higher performance people. The fifth is your own career guiding star.

Learn more about how YOU can achieve MAXIMUM SUCCESS.


Latest Technology    CSS     Compliance

This webpage is CSS compliant

This logo means that we validate the three Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) we use in this website to comply with the CSS specification recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

CSS-compliant pages can be better presented to you, can be faster loading, can use your monitor more efficiently - no horizontal scrolling, and are easier to modify.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a technology for adding style (e.g. fonts, colors, spacing) to Web documents. With it we create 'liquid' pages which flow to fill the space you make available on your monitor.

By using the CSS web standard we separate style from content - presentation from structure - design from data. The entire design of CSS compliant web-pages lives in a single Style Sheet. When we make improvements they automatically cascade down through all our site's CSS compliant pages. In contrast design and content are currently intermingled in HTML table-based layouts.

Users with standards-compliant browsers see our site as we designed it. But if your browser is not up to snuff, you see a message at the top of this web page telling you your browser does not comply with web standards, offering to help you download one that does and the page you see is presented by an alternate style sheet. Users with standards-compliant browsers do not see this message at all. This is in effect on the page you're reading now, and on every CSS compliant page of our website.

If you don't see the message your browser understands CSS.

When you print any CSS web page (for your own use) the layout is presented by a third style sheet.


Quality Control    HTML 4.0    Compliance

This website is HTML 4.0 compliant

We validate all hypertext to comply with the HTML 4.0 specification recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

This ensures ease of interoperability across the widest range of platforms - browsers and operating systems. We then add Microsoft®-proprietary search and map utilities that make navigation through our website even easier. But in a very small number of older browsers these utilities may not work, or may not work as intended. In that event use the navigation menu and the Table of Contents. This combination of features delivers the greatest benefits to most Users.

To work as intended CSS style sheets need valid HTML.

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